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General maintenance


  • Screens should be retracted when not in use. This helps maintain the longevity of your screen and keeps screens clean.
  • Do not allow dirt or debris to build up in the tracks, vacuum/ clean as necessary.
  • Periodically clean and lubricate tracks with Wizard Dry silicone spray
  • When cleaning be sure not to use corrosive cleaners, as they may damage the painted finish. Track grooves must be kept clean. Remove dust from grooves using a brush, cloth or vacuum.
  • To clean the mesh we suggest vacuuming it with an upholstery brush, being careful not to snag the screen material.
  • In areas of harsh environmental conditions such as beachfront or industrial areas cleaning should be done more regularly – especially in areas where the screens and doors are exposed to salt-water or other highly corrosive agents.

VistaView and Horizon Specific Maintenance Tips


  • Always release the Hand Brake System to move the screen. Rotate the brake lever (this releases the brakes) before sliding your screen to desired position.
  • Allow spring to retract the screen - do not force or push the screen back.
  • Wind load may affect the screen’s operation. Vistaview and Horizon Screens should not be operated in winds in excess of 20mph.
  • Use Wizard Dry silicone in the systems mesh slot in the track to ensure the screens move freely. Do not spray where the brake is.